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    Louis Limited signals and training review

    Hi, Louis Limited Signals review I have been using Louis Limited signals VIP(Gold) to trade forex. The profits were convincing and I was able to see my account grow. The main cons of this signals are the stoploss is very huge. Sometimes you may have to place another trade(like grid) to support...
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    Best Profitable trades and FREE signals

    Hi all, Below is my favorite FREE signals group in telegram. I have got the best winning trades all over since I joined. It is very hard to make 50% in a day or two. I was able to make more than 50% in two days. Initially I started with very low size lots and after gaining confidence in the...
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    Forex Entry Points Pro Indicator

    The forex market is a global financial market that allows traders to buy and sell currencies for profit. Traders use technical analysis to predict future price movements. Forex trading is very different from other financial markets because it is based on supply and demand. This means that when...
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    The Plan: How to Start Making Profit in Forex in a Month

    Forex Trading is considered to be difficult for beginners and 90% of retail traders(You and me) are losing money in Forex trading. The only reason people think that they lose in forex is that they don’t have a proper strategy or no perfect expert advisor. In fact, the traders who lose don’t...
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    Swing Trading Strategies that Actually Works always

    Do you think about the traders making money in Forex Trading? Do you think they might be sitting in front of their monitors and staring at the chart the whole day? Actually, Not all the traders sit watching the charts whole time. So what strategies they use? Swing Trading strategies. Have...
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    Please help me add stoploss to this EA

    Hi @greyghost7 , I have added Stop loss. Check the attachment now.
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    WayGrow EA with Best set file

    The set file is present in the the attachments folder.
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    Dragon Hunter EA for Hedge and Martingale lovers

    What error are you getting?
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Sure. But I don't see any indicator attached here.
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Please share the indicator with rules.
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Sure. Please share the indicator and rule. I will try. Thanks
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    Is Make money Expert Advisor really worthy

    I too saw lots of videos in YouTube on Make Money Expert Advisor.  It seems to be opening trades based on lot of trend indicators and filters like ADX, RSI, Moving Average and others. Also, it is opening a lot of trades on price moves and holding trades until it makes a profit. I...
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Hi, This indicator does repaints. The signals doesnt match with the signals in backtest. Also, there are multiple buy/sell signals at once.
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Hi, Dragon expert is sold and copyrighted by someone else. I am not allowed to decompile or modify it source code. [hr] I don't see any indicators or screenshots attached.
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    It would be best to purchase a tool than unlock. The unlock one may contain fake name or viruses.
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Please share your indicators and rules to trade. Thanks, Yuv
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    I will Make an EA with your Indicators

    Please share the indicators and rules.
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    SweetTrend expert Advisor with 600% in an year

    Please use GBPUSD H4 and download the tick data from Tickstory or Dukascopy to backtest. I am trying for ward test and it is clearly working for me. It will work for you also just run it on demo account and see.
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    SweetTrend expert Advisor with 600% in an year

    The sweet trend expert advisor is based on Trend, RSI and breakout strategy. This EA works best for GBPUSD pair in H4 timeframe. The best part is this EA has predefined Stoploss and Take profits mentioned. No Martingale or no Grid used. Below are the test details. This EA was tested with...
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    MoneyMaker EA unlimited and free

    Please use it on high volatile pairs like gbpusd or gold. Also the spread should be low as 1pip or 10 points max. I guess only ecn accounts will have that. Use it with ECN account and high volatile pairs.