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Price action Strategy with Moving Avergaes

I would like to share one simple price action observation.Use of slower SMA(simple moving average) and faster EMA(exponential moving average).You can use any number you like, from 3 and above for slower SMA and from 2 and above for faster EMA.
I use EMA 2 and SMA 7. Rule is rather simple: We need a crossing of both.If EMA 2 is above the SMA 7 BUY and vice versa, if EMA 2 is bellow SMA 7 SELL.
Author: trago1 - Replies: 21 - Views: 4462
Price action Strategy
Trend following filter is based on the same principals with a little tweeking of ADX levels for NO TRADE- 60 ! and 75 for TRADE AND using HTF(HigherTimeFrame)H1 or 30min if you prefer. 
Therefore M30,H1 should be used as a ''precondition'' or a first step in trading.
Difference is that on H1 or M30 is less ''noise'', but we have to be much more patient and wait for a good-strong opportunity.
Keeping ADX on 2, we are assured that we are updated soon enough, that there is no too much lag.