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30 Minutes easy Binary Options Strategy
This is a very simple strategy that I have been using and I have had much success with it ,its very newbie friendly too.
It only uses two simple moving averages and a forex mtn indicator.

TimeFrame: 5Mins

Add a 100 SMA and a 50 SMA. (100 SMA is yellow and 50 SMA is purple)
add the forex MTN indicator to your indicators folder.

If the 100 SMA is above the 50 SMA then we are in a downtrend and looking for a put trade only.
Wait for price to rise above both of the [color=#33
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The 15mins Day Trading Forex Strategy
This is a simple strategy and you need to spend is 15 mins every end of day.

This strategy works in Day TimeFrame.

Below are the three indicators you will need which are present in your MT4 by default.

1. Linear Weighted Moving Average(LWMA)  
2. Bill Williams Fractal
3. OsMA Histogram(Moving Average of Oscillator)

Add the LWMA indicator twice one with 10 LWMA apply to open and a shift of 1 and one with Linear Weighted Average 8 applied to Close.

Add the Bill Williams Fractal
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Simple 1 Minute Scalping Forex Strategy
This is a forex scalping strategy that is primarily used for the 1 minute charts, but can be used effectively on the 5 minute charts as well. Be sure to try out different time frames for each pair to see which one works the best for that individual pair. The strategy itself is quite simple and only consists of 2 indicators. Those indicators include:

1. Simple 70 Period Moving Average (closed)
2. Stochastic indicator K=14 D=3 Smooth= 3 (14, 3, 3) Levels= 80/20

How to Trade
This str