Best forex stratgey for ever

Doherty James

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No strategy is best ever since things change with time and that needs to be understood. The important aspect to note is that our plan should be solid with ability to make minor changes. I do just that and it further helps with FreshForex broker using their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it’s very cool.



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your video is useless you do not give any strategy you just say play within the 5 min time frame when you should be careful in the market and what time you should play neither any of the say you should watch low

Manuel Ferrera

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Success in the forex market mainly depend on the trading strategy. Every trader has different trading style. If any trader wants to make success in forex, he needs to follow some rules. He should not take decision emotionally while trading. Success in forex market is mainly depends on the broker a trader choose. If their strategies don't suit the broker than he can not be succeed.


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Always making profit is difficult in forex market. You can easily earn money if you have enough knowledge about forex market. But in spite of having good knowledge, it is quite tough to ensure profit all time. It is right that in forex market a trader can make consistent profit. But it is not all time.