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My name is Kert from KRinvestment. I`m full time trader and last years trade algos only. We have small fund what makes my client profit. Since me and my team have already our ideas turned into EA, we are looking for new ideas. So I make this post to provide opportunity to cooperate with us.
Currently we have 3 different robots making consistent profit to us and our clients (5%, 10% and 12% average monthly return). Our goal is to get this year 2 more robots with different strategies to make trading safer and more consistent than it is now.

My offer is here: Send me your currently working EA to with mq4 and set file. We test it, if needed change code and get more accurate set files to put it to test at demo account. We have whole team of programmers, backtesters and so on what means that we can get all possible result with small time. Also we have tick data to provide best quality backtest.
Our goal is not to sell those EAs, our goal is to make our clients and whole team profit. We are happy to share with you our working EAs so we can make profit together as well you get best versions of your own EA.
If you are intrested to collaborate with us then send your EA to 
Looking forward to cooperate with you!

CEO of Kraboinvestments fund 

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