is there any ex5 robot ???

Doherty James

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I don’t know but I don’t think these robots are even worth it. I believe it’s far better and beneficial for us to go for something sensible instead of these. I prefer manual trading and this is where I love it with FreshForex, as they got superb setting from tidy spreads to fast execution of trades and there is also 200% Deposit Bonus to help more.


Manuel Ferrera

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Live account and demo account both are the same operating system. But in demo account there is no need to invest any capital. This is for learning the forex before investing in the market. On the other hand live account needs investment and it is like a real account where profit and loss are genuine. Demo account is just for the beginner. When a trader become professional he can operate a live account. Demo account is a  risk free account. On the other hand live account is full of risk.


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Well, I must say! Please don’t try to copy others system! That’s the wrong approach! If you wanna sustain here, then surely you need to build your own trading skill; no one can help you here unless you are with a good trading skill, so focus on your learning process instead of following others!