Trade Ringer review


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This is my review for Traide Ringer expert advisor. The main idea behind this EA is to make use of swaps to make few bucks of money.
As you know at every new day opens, the brokers charges a swap based on your lot size. The swap is calculated based on the multiple factors like bank interest on the currency you are trading.

The developer created Trade Ringer strategy by taking three correlated pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY and EURJPY. If one pair is going against our trade, remaining two pairs will be in profit. If two pairs are against our trade, one pair will be in profit. Along with this  we will be having swap as added benefit. 

As we are relating with correlation, the process of making profits might be slow but the drawdown can be less compared to other EAs. If anyone have tried this, add your traide ringer review here.


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Hi can you elaborate on the best set up of this EA, which pairs best to use etc and what sort of returns in percentage can be expected. 

Thank you