TrendHunter EA with best working set file


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TreandHunter EA is one of the good expert advisors that can open trades on multiple pairs simultaneously. You can set how many pairs you want to open at a time and the list of all pairs.

TrendHunter EA is completely based on trend and follows the rule trend is friend. This expert advisor only opens trades when the pattern matches only. So just wait for the EA to open the trades. You can select the timings when the trades can open and when the EA can close all the trades.

I personally suggest to use upto 3 or 4 pairs depending on your balance, you can open more trades. As an advise, try this in demo first.

Attached TreandHunter EA with workings set file. Please try it and add your reviews on this EA.


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Hi Guys, I've had this ea for ages, tried it out on demo once long ago and found it to be a real wild stallion.
Use with caution, and demo to find pairs & time frame before even contemplating using it live.
Let's see if we can get a workable set from the forum.
Good luck, soussay


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